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Locked Prezentare xEl3CTr0


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★ Nume real: Serban
★ Nick Cs: NewLife |xEl3CTr0

★ Nick Forum:xEl3CTr0
★ Varsta:12
★ Oras:Arad
★ Steam:-
★ De cat timp joci CS: De 7 ani 
★ Ocupatie:Elev
★ Harti preferate:css_dust2 si awp_map
★ Jocuri preferate: CS
★ Hobiuri: Football
★ ID mess:-
★ Skype:-
★ FaceBook:-
★ De unde ai auzit de IceGame.Ro:De la HeKKiONFiRE
★ Cateva cuvinte despre tine: Da



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