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Bun venit pe IceGame Romania @ Winter Is Coming


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Bine ati venit pe IceGame Romania ! Comunitatea IceGame isi doreste sa devina cel mai indragit forum de gaming si nu numai, exclusiv pentru romani. Daca si tu iti iubesti tara si vrei sa ajuti la dezvoltarea singurului forum dedicat Romanilor de pretutinderi, alatura-te noua ! Nu trebuie decat sa te inregistrezi si poti avea access la toate optiunile acestui forum, cum ar fi:
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Server Rules

- - - - - Rules

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    *Admin abuse will be punished with REMOVE or DOWNGRADE -1 !
    *Admins can request Wargods test only if the players are suspected of AIM/CFG. Before requesting Wargods test admin must have a demo with the player cheating as a proof for his banlist.
    *Admins that request Wargods test without demo will be punished (DOWN/REMOVE)
    *The main priority of the admins it's monitoring the server and prevent the cheaters.
    *Only FOUNDERS/OWNERS/CO-OWNERS can unban a player and the players are unbanned only with Unban request.
    *Admins who can execute this command must talk with a high rank admin for unban a player.
    *Admins who unban players illegal will be REMOVED.
    *Admins are forced to play only with admin acceses. If they are caught with another name, will be punished with REMOVE.
    *Admins are forced to keep they password secret. Sharing your password with somebody will be punished with REMOVE.
    *Permanent bans requires well founded reason.
    *Admins who swear and use a trivial language, will be punished (X1 Warn) or (REMOVE).
    *Admins who promote another server, will be REMOVED and BANNED PERMANENTLY.
    *Admins that execute commands on other admins will be punished (DOWN/REMOVE).
    *Admins cand votemap only in the las 5 minutes of the current map.
    *Admins are forced to play on the server only with admin nickname, else will be REMOVED.
    *It's forbidden for admins to share their account password to another person (REMOVE).
    *It's forbidden for admins to modify the cvar's variables of the server, except sv_unlag "1" without a superior permision.
    *Admins are not responsible for players scam, if an admin scam you and you have demo/video will be REMOVED.

    It's forbidden to camp in (CT/T Spawn) (SLAY)
    It's forbidden to use cheats and hacks on the server (PERMANENT BAN)
    It's forbidden using a trivial language or swearwords on server (gag 5 minutes) or (ban 120 minutes)
    It's forbidden to promote another server/site/forum on our server (ban 120 minutes) and if continue (PERMANENT BAN)
    It's forbidden to insult the admins, punishment will be first (ban 120 minutes) and if continue (PERMANENT BAN)

    It's forbidden to use Nametags that contain swears or obscene words. If you don't delete or give the skin to the Onwers you risk inventory wipe.

    It's forbidden to use bhop scripts on the server (BAN 120/PERMANENT)

    It's forbidden to sell skins/accounts/currency on the server for real money or other material benefits.(PERMANENT BAN)

    It's forbidden for VIP players to climb over the buildings,map,objects or other players where normal players can't climb. (X1 WARN)
    It's forbidden for VIP players to use GUNS/GRENADES on KNIFE MAPS.(REMOVE)
    It's forbidden for VIP players to use GUNS/GRENADES on AWP MAPS.(REMOVE)

    Unimportant rule...


    Barlap & Daniel & ftw reserve their right to modify the rules, without anounce the admins or players!

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