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Bine ati venit pe IceGame Romania ! Comunitatea IceGame isi doreste sa devina cel mai indragit forum de gaming si nu numai, exclusiv pentru romani. Daca si tu iti iubesti tara si vrei sa ajuti la dezvoltarea singurului forum dedicat Romanilor de pretutinderi, alatura-te noua ! Nu trebuie decat sa te inregistrezi si poti avea access la toate optiunile acestui forum, cum ar fi:
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[Abilitati] Yasuo

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  • ●︎ Numele Campionului: Yasuo
    ●︎ Detalii si caracteristicile Campionului: 

      Way of the wanderer (Passive): Insane double passive. The shield is what makes yasuo.png Yasuo able to go for quick trades and farm safely against hard matchups.
    It gets charges by moving, and also resets whenever you useyasuo-last-breath.png Last Breath. The second part of the passive gives you double crit in exchange for -10% Crit dmg.



      Steel Tempest (Q): is a skillshot basic attack, and is the ability we max first. The cooldown of the ability gets reduced with more attack speed. That is why we rush attack speed in runes and items. The cooldowns caps at 1.33 attack speed. It applies on hit and is very effective against melee opponents. It deals more damage and is mucher safer to use, compared to yasuo-sweeping-blade.png Sweeping Blade, which forces you to play up-front agressive if you're maxing it. .




    Wind wall (W): is a wall that blocks enemy projectiles for 4 seconds. This can even block abilities like taliyah-weavers-wall.png Weaver's Wallbraum-glacial-fissure.png Glacial Fissure and first part of camille.pngCamille's camille-hookshot.png Hookshot.



      Sweeping Blade (E):yasuo.png Yasuo dashes through a enemy unit dealing magic damage. yasuo-sweeping-blade.png Sweeping Blade has a fixed distance, so if you move close to a target before dashing through it, you will move further away from it. This is what allows us to dash through walls using jungle camps. Using yasuo-sweeping-blade.png Sweeping Blade with yasuo-steel-tempest.png Steel Tempest will make yasuo.png Yasuo strike in a circle.



      Last Breath ®:yasuo.png Yasuo blinks to a nearby Airborne unit and strikes them repeatedly for heavy damage while keeping them in the air for 1 additional second. It also refreshes your yasuo-way-of-the-wanderer.png Way of the Wanderer shield, and gives yasuo.png Yasuo 50% bonus armor penetration on all his critical strikes. It even affects armor from items, runes and buffs. This is what makes yasuo so good in teamfights with good teamcomps. It also shreds tanks, so you will actually be able to duel them with few items. It has a very short cooldown lategame, but one good ult can win you the game, so don't waste it and look for good opportunities! Also do not use your ult immediately, but wait till last possible millisecond, and then ult to maximize the time your opponents are CC'ed.

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